Joe Yee

Arguably the most famous, sought after, and priciest lures on the market currently. In this guide we will go over identification techniques, market pricing, and various models.

Joe Yee lures are the most faked lures in the world, so we will try our best to help you identify and hopefully provide some education on these lures.

What is a Joe Yee and why are they selling for that much?

Joe Yee is most famous for his large sized marlin lures that hold the record for most 1000lb+ (grander) marlins caught. With the increased notoriety, and eventual creation of his own book, the name Joe Yee spread like wildfire.

With the increased demand for the hand-made lures, low production rate, and the increasing age of Joe Yee, over time, the price of Joe Yee lures has reached an all-time-high.

How do I know if I have an authentic Joe Yee?


There are some well known characters on ebay and facebook that are KNOWN to sell fake Joe Yee lures and if you are reading this page before I finish it, im going to air out the room and name drop these shady people.

If you are paying $500, $1000, $2000 for a single Joe Yee lure, you might want to purchase them from an authorized seller of Joe Yee's directly from the source.

From personal experience, it is actually quite difficult to tell if a Joe Yee is fake. The nature of the lure itself, being hand-made, each one being unique and slightly altered, custom, and from over many decades of making them, we will show you what characteristics to look for.

  • Joe Yee Gold Flake Super Plunger
  • Joe Yee 707
  • Joe Yee x Niiyama Fish Head Super Plunger
  • Joe Yee x Niiyama Aku Super Plunger - Blue Tint
  • Joe Yee x Niiyama Super Plunger Floating Label
  • Vintage Joe Yee Big Apollo

Identification (Models, Labels, Pricing)