We are brothers!

We were born and raised here on Oahu and have been fishing/diving our entire lives. We starting amassing a pretty large lure collection and had become very well connected to most of the lure makers in Hawaii. We are very passionate about this industry and want to provide you all with the best of the best fishing gear, while also preserving a chunk of history.

Fun Fact: We are also both Japanese Citizens and speak fluently.


Captain of the Guava Jelly, he is currently in his third year at Massachusetts Maritime Academy getting his degree in Marine Transportation. When he is not absolutely freezing, he is commercially fishing back home in Hawaii with some of the top fishermen in the state.


Ren actually only knows how to reel in fish don't let him anywhere near a gaff. He went to USC and studied Biochemistry, now working full-time as a Sales Engineer here in Hawaii. If I sell one of Roy's personal lures on accident, no I didn't, I actually have no idea what you're talking about.