Name: Tom Futa (Originator)
Dave Futa and wife (Current)
Origin: Oahu, Hawaii
  • If you have been fishing in Hawai'i, you have probably heard of Futa. We believe that there are so many Futa lures out there, every single fisherman probably has one in their arsenal.
  • Futa lures is THE local favorite when it comes to big game trolling.
  • Generally accepted that the older Futa heads were made by Mr. Futa (or Tom Futa), with a slightly different style when it came to making lures. Tom Futa's heads were noticeably rougher around the edges, more wild, and more experimental. There are countless shapes and sizes, lures without labels/tags, and the sheer amount of heads produced over the years is incredible.
  • The family behind the Futa lure is apparently still making today, stocking in the local stores and their blue cracked glass heads are always sought after by the OG fishermen of Hawai'i.