Aloha Lures

Aloha Lures - Previously known as "Merlin"
Name: Captain Erik Rusnak
Origin: Kailua, Hawaii
  • Usually the name "Aloha Lures" with the marlin logo is imprinted in his lures, but there have been some out there that do not have his logo or name in the lure.
  • Early creations displayed a "Merlin" sticker, maintaining some of his modern shapes, and the heavy use of mirrors.
  • If the name or logo is not present in the lure, then the tell tale signs would have to be his signature shapes of his most notable lures, that are very distinct in shape and size. Please refer to the photos provided below for comparison.
  • His “Ninjas” pictured above, are just so incredibly iconic and with each one being handmade, makes it absolutely legendary.

Similar Examples

  • Got to give it to the man, his lures are widely unique, with his use of materials, colors, mirrors, hand carving of the saddles, and very odd shapes, his lures are easily identifiable, and there is nothing else quite like it.
  • Addition* Aloha Lures - Propelu does have some similarities to Niiyama's realism for realistic fish head looking lures. However, the difference is definitely there and we can tell that there is a distinct twist between the two.